Oct 6, 2009

A quick summary of the past week's papers

Look, it's actually quite simple.

We don't want young girls getting the HPV vaccine, because they are pure, innocent ingenues who should not be exposed to the possibility of penetration of their delicate pink ladybits by marauding penises. Giving them the idea that letting themselves be fucked[1] is anything short of a heinous offence against society, morality, motherhood, and apple pie, is a crime we will not countenance. If some of them later die of cervical cancer because our dread of women having sex is greater than our concern for their safety, well, that's a sacrifice we're willing to make.

We don't care about Roman Polanski getting the trial and punishment he deserves, on the other hand, because young girls are all brazen, lascivious nymphets. Those of them who have allowed their delicate ladybits to be penetrated by marauding penises are obviously lying, disgusting sluts who like it up the bum, and who like to make up accusations about innocent men, trying to ruin their lives and reputations for no other reason than they belatedly realise and regret their monumental sluttitude.

If young girls weren't such whores in the first place, they wouldn't get cervical cancer. Duh.

[1] What's this you say? Some girls actually enjoy fucking and see it as something they participate in, rather than something shameful and humiliating that is done to them against their better selves? Well, that's obviously an Absurd Liberal Myth. Seriously, who'd believe that? Haha.


  1. Hello.

    Just because people can enjoy getting fucked five ways from sunday, doesn`t mean that it`s socially beneficial to encourage them to do so.
    Some women claim to enjoy wearing the hijab - should we encourage all girls to do that?
    Should all primitive instincts be entirely free from social constraint, or just women's sexual ones?

  2. I love how you make this connection, and I think you're totally right.
    For the previous commenter... the stuff dripping off your scream is sarcasm. Please disconnect the screen from the socket before cleaning.