Jul 27, 2009

What the fuck is UP with Comic Con, huh?

OK, these people are officially so fucking hateful that they will chop off their own noses and serve them to their own faces with a nice Chianti rather than admit that the human race is twice the size they would like it to be, and comes in more than one regulation model.

they didn't want women to come to the Con at all. The they were like, hey, we can't stop them. But we can complain about it when they do! Now they're all, OK, women are allowed if they wear a thong and allow men to paw at them in public without their consent. Wait, but dudes might not know that pawing is mandatory. I know - we'll give them prizes for doing it[1]!

Female comic fans (of which I am one) are pretty much used to the fact that comic books are essentially a spank bank. Any considerations of character development or plot outline are secondary to how much tits, ass and leg you can show per frame. So what if
Diana Price is an Olympic-grade athlete, accomplished military strategist, and dedicated crime fighter? She can get all that done in a belted onesy, and like it. Be grateful she's not a nineties Garth Ennis invention, or she'd be doing it in a thong. Speaking of, what's with Ennis and the hate fuck recently (totally NSFW)? And yeah -Jean Grey. So she's like a Doctor or something. Big deal. She can wear her skimpy underwear and do her gratuitous lesbian scenes, like a proper comics character!

So yeah, OK, we get it, this shit ain't aimed at us. We are
not the target audience, fine, great, whatever. But ComicCon are so fucking up themselves this year that they did the commercial equivalent of taking out a billboard saying "Recession? What recession? We don't need no stinking pink dollars! Teh Ladeez are for ogling, pawing and avoiding: we don't serve their kind here!"


[1] Contrary to the title of that Jezebel article, the promotion is valid for pictures taken with any Booth Babe - so all women employed by the convention are open to harassment and assault.

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